Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This blog is published with the knowledge and permission of Dianne Hire.

Please contact Dianne at a l t e r n a t i v e s 2@ b l u e s t r e a k m e. com

Her new book Curvaceous Piecing will be out in September 2010!!

Dianne S. Hire is the author of Quilters Playtime, Games for Quiltmakers and editor of Oxymoron a collection of absurdly logical quilts as well as an international award winning fiber artist.

Join us for the fun and book a class with Dianne for your guild by contacting her at a l t e r n a t i v e s 2@ b l u e s t r e a k m e. com.

June 1985 to Present

Award winning fiber artist and international exhibitor, Hire attended Vanderbilt University and received her BA from Tennessee Technological University (English major and Philosophy Minor). She lives with her two best friends --- husband, Terry, and Maine Coon Cat, Sir Hilary Hire --both of whom love fiber and strings in quilt form. Before moving to Belfast, Maine in 1981 she was a Couture Dress Buyer and never ever considered quilting to be a possiblility for her life.
This is Dianne's artist statement from her Class brochure:

Although enchantment with fabric, seems to have always been a part of my life, I began my quiltmaking journey in 1985.

Today, I look back at the development and exploration of my creative process. Even in 1985, the adapting of tradtional time honored designs and techniques was significant. Somehow, even then, I experimented, finding my own way, my own song, my own work within tactile dimensions. From that moment on, this became my Hard 'n' Fast Rule" Find out the rules and determine a way to break them.

I honor diversity.
I celebrate new approaches.
I challenge concepts.

To stretch the rules and locate fresh boundaries is my desire. By approaching quiltmaking this way, I embrace technical skills while not allowing techniques to overshadow image.

I am a colorist who intuitively responds to the joyful way colors intermingle. I require vibracy to speak out but never shout -- yet boldly sing. That song is interpreted in fiber, strings, strong design and intense vitality of color.

come PLAY with me!!!

Dianne's book, Quilters PLAYTIME, Games for Quiltmakers, is based upon the Play workshop and is now available from AQS Publishing.

All levels
1, 2, 3 or 4 Day Workshops, 6 hours a day

Design, Technique, Intuitive Color

Class Description:
Day 1: Need to lighten up? Not having any quilting fun? Tired of prissy little piecing? Then this workshop's for you. Improvisational and intuitive, we'll play liberating games at your sewng machine, allow creative juices to flow. We'll slice and dice fabrics, trade slivers of blocks, hunt for the bright colors just begging for a place to land in a quilt. Return home with a few oxymoron blocks, in random order.

come PLAY with me!!
Day 2

M o r e
Random order blocks. Continue to play intuitive and improvisational games. Create impromptu Checker Board, discover Musical Chairs, and Piano Keyboard. Delight yourself with spontaneous design discoveries.

Curvaceous Squares

Intermediate 1 Day Workshop, 6 hours Focus:Color, Technique, Project

SQUARE C U R V E S??? Huh? Exactly what does that mean?? Creat easy, template fee, intuitively designed squares into a motion filled wall hanging that is fast to assemble and in three optional designs: broken circles, randomly curved squares, or meandering, dancing curves. If you use basic bold brights in nearly solid fabrics, the quilt is exceptional. By the end of the day you may have your Curvaceous Squares completely sewn together and ready to quilt.

Curvy Rectangles


1 Day Workshop, 6 hours

Focus: Color, Technique, Project

A wall hanging created of more curvy shapes in a rectangular panel shape. May be developed into a much large quilt. More template-free inset curves created in a fast and easy method.

Impromtu Curvaceous Shapes

Intermediate difficulty

1- 3 days (6-12 hours)

This workshop will be devoted to learning how to create "curvy shapes" that may be quilted, bound and attached to another piece. By nature, it is a flexible learning experience and works well when preceeded by 2 days of "Squares", "Rectangles" or "come Play with me!"

Positive and Negative Scroll Work

In class, creat 2 or 3 blocks reminiscent of a William Morris scroll design. Create a connecting design - a 12" repeat block; then using your design fuse positive and negative cuts. This is an elegant continuous scroll like design that may be used at at 2 or 4 block wall hanging or as a larger quilt's border.

1 day workshop, 6 hrs, Intermediate to Advanced

Organdy Ribbon Transparency

You will learn to create a plaid without piecing. Hmm dont you wonder how? By using Balinese-type fabrics and organdy ribbons that look and feel like silk - that's exactly what we will do. You will create a small wallhanging in plaid transparencies and subtle shaded overlays.

This workshop is difficult to describe ...but I will tell you this about it. FACT: To date, having taught it since 1998, only beautiful quilts have been created.

All levels - 1 Day class, 6 hours