Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Positive and Negative Scroll Work

In class, creat 2 or 3 blocks reminiscent of a William Morris scroll design. Create a connecting design - a 12" repeat block; then using your design fuse positive and negative cuts. This is an elegant continuous scroll like design that may be used at at 2 or 4 block wall hanging or as a larger quilt's border.

1 day workshop, 6 hrs, Intermediate to Advanced

Organdy Ribbon Transparency

You will learn to create a plaid without piecing. Hmm dont you wonder how? By using Balinese-type fabrics and organdy ribbons that look and feel like silk - that's exactly what we will do. You will create a small wallhanging in plaid transparencies and subtle shaded overlays.

This workshop is difficult to describe ...but I will tell you this about it. FACT: To date, having taught it since 1998, only beautiful quilts have been created.

All levels - 1 Day class, 6 hours